Mass arrests against supporters of gulen in Turkey


Turkey has issued arrest warrants for 3224 persons concerning alleged links with resident cleric in United States open Allah gulen, one of the largest operations in months against the network that Ankara accuses of masterminding a coup attempt, according to my channel (t) and (CNN) the news today.

News channel (NTV) that authorities arrested today are already more than a thousand of these. A week after the victory of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a referendum to expand his powers.

Anatolian news agency quoted Interior Minister Suleiman soilo as saying that the operation launched in 81 counties, is ongoing, and stop 1009 (suspects) in 72 counties so far, adding that this measure is necessary in the interests of the Turkish Republic.

Turkish authorities accused gulen of planning a coup attempt failed on July 15 with denies any involvement is. Around 8500 COP in the vast wave of arrests, according to the news agency reported that the arrest warrants were issued 390 suspect in Istanbul alone. The raids came after Erdogan won narrowly in a referendum on constitutional amendments expanding its powers in April 16.

With the yes camp won 51, 41% of the vote, opponents said the changes that the result would be reversed if the voting was fair.

Ankara is a “service” movement led by gulen “terrorist organization”, although the group insists it is a peaceful movement advocates moderate Islam. And as long as the Turkish Government has asked the United States to extradite gulen, who lives in exile since 1999. Some have been arrested and 47 thousand people so far on the background of a State of emergency imposed since the coup attempt, in crackdown raised fears the West. Prior to the referendum, the Turkish Parliament extended a State of emergency three months until July 19.