With maps. Subject areas for “ISIS” West Mosul


She said in an official statement, the cell move Sumerian news site, that the remaining areas controlled by ISIS in Mosul, walzngli, Ayman healing and health first and Sinjar door and top of the elbow and field and al Faruq. “

The cell referred to that part of the brick door areas and new door and door eggs also remains under the control of organizing a terrorist workbook at the international level.

 And published military media cell, in this context, pictorial map for the remainder of the left coast edits from Mosul.

The map shows that the areas under the control of “ISIS” part is very simple, the Iraqi army is expected to release him soon.

The Iraqi army has been waging since 17/10/2016, operation coming, “Nineveh supported Kurdish” cops “and” crowd “and” crowd “and the International Alliance airlines clan, to release the connector from the control of the regulation of” ISIS “.

After restoring the eastern side of the city of Mosul, Iraqi forces began on 19 February incursions into the Western side of the city, who represents the President’s stronghold, amid reports of heavy casualties among the local population.

It has already been revealed to the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, about 400 Iraqis still trapped in West Mosul.