Manufacturer: King wedding broadcast resolutions and revived economic mobility


The businessman said Maen Abdul Wahid bin manufacturer for “above” the Royal Decree issued last monarch King Salman Ibn Abdel Aziz-Allah-keepers of all allowances and bonuses and financial benefits for State employees, civilians and military personnel, and broadcast all categories of citizens amid encounters, because this resolution was the most urgent needs of citizens and achieved their desires and ambitions.

The manufacturer indicated that all means and media had celebrated the Royal decision, as all citizens and across social media about how their thanks and gratitude to the King, so this gesture on his eagerness, patrons Allah, peace and welfare of the citizens, as it is proof of his generosity and love for his people, and his eagerness to please and do all he could to provide a dignified and safe for all classes of people.
The manufacturer said that such decisions issued by good leadership will strengthen the cohesion of the people with his leadership and supports networking between the leadership and the people, driving is most familiar with the requirements of its citizens, its insight, wisdom and clear vision, moreover the Royal command will, with the permission of Allah the Almighty, positively on the national economy in the near term, in terms of the increase in liquidity, plus a direct role in promoting PPPs, supporting economic activity, the session also encouraged direct Investment environment and raise the confidence of the private sector in General.
He continued: we as businessmen, and through our work in the private sector consider ourselves partners in developing the economy of the country, and strongly support this decision Royal which empties into the interest of citizens, and provide a decent life for them, and will be ready for public employees makes the revival of the private sector to regain his energy and activity, which helps to develop and enhance its contribution to the progress and development of the country, and is one of the goals of Vision 2030 which regarded the Kingdom’s private sector partner for the public sector in foreseeing a bright future for the Kingdom to achieve the aspirations of its leaders and its people.
And he continued: perhaps the most decisions that I think are important are those dealing with life and this is what I realize our beloved, keen to do much attention for the right decisions come, blessed, emphasis on proximity to the citizen and touch it to his needs and the pursuit of comfort and luxury for the whole country.

The other property commands issued by the custodian, save Allah, and for the appointment of new Ministers and officials in the State, they represent a boost for the State, through strengthened national young cadres, and inject new blood will continue the rich, tender, so choose the custodian, save Allah, his insightful efficiently items that it considers would enhance the March of the State and check the target future aspirations, new competencies will be as much to blame.

The manufacturer concluded by saying: we are now more reassured of our process, as they are in safe hands, working sincerely for peace and the welfare of the citizen and provide security, safety and stability, to devote to work and tender.