«Male» Saudi-wins again in Riyadh to discuss collaboration scenarios.


Looking for Saudis and UAE in Riyadh today (Thursday), cooperation between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi in the second group of «free resolved» emerging from Saudi Coordination Council.
And studying the retreat involving senior officials from both sides, scenarios and develop policies and initiatives that serve mutual cooperation, moving development and cooperation between the two countries to a new stage of growth and development, as well as providing a platform for consultation and coordination between teams, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
Meetings will be followed by a series of meetings and periodic activities between different bilateral working groups in the Council to activate the outputs of seclusion and discuss various cooperation schemes and activation mechanisms to Saudi Coordination Council.
Minister of economy and planning said uchegbu engineer in his opening speech at the solitude of determined aims to discuss areas of common interest and develop a general framework and business plans for Coordinating Council-UAE, to be the optimal form of cooperation Council, paving the way for a new phase of development of the system of cooperation between the two countries.
And will be held 11 meetings and a workshop specialized in specific economic axis retreat sessions, cognitive and human axis, axis and the political, military and security, select for each axis head and vital topics to discuss the current situation and possible challenges, ideas and quality initiatives and projects, and developing common policies.
In the economic hub, officials will discuss mechanisms to promote integrated economic system between the two countries and create innovative solutions for the optimal use of existing resources through a number of the most important themes of infrastructure and housing, and external partnerships, and production industry, agriculture and water, financial services and markets, and the logistics sector, oil and gas and petrochemicals.
In cognitive and human axis, the second group will focus on the theme of artistic education retreat with first group discussed topics of research cooperation (joint research) and higher education. The first group sessions were discussed a number of topics in the same axis included youth, Government and Government services development, entrepreneurship, tourism, renewable energy, and the Customs Union and common market.
In the political, military and security axis discussed solitudes ways to strengthen cooperation and coordination of military and political, with the first phase of cooperation and discussed security integration in Saudi Coordination Council.
The Council includes joint teams from different sectors and areas, and held a series of meetings and periodic meetings during the next phase of intensifying bilateral cooperation on topics of mutual interest.
The Council is headed by the Saudi side me Crown second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Economic Affairs and development Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, UAE side, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed.