Majed Abdullah: Qatar ‘s support for terrorism stab in the back


commented # international Allaab_alsaudi former # Magd_abdallah on # Qta_alaqat_ma_qtr said in a tweet on his account tension in : “The citizen ‘s right can not stand back and watch what the government of Qatar towards national, and will not accept actions aimed to destabilize and stability of the homeland. ”
He added Majed Abdullah: To support the Government of Qatar for terrorism and standing with all parties hostile to national is a stab in the back. ”
Noting that the people of Qatar dear is part of us let him love and appreciation.
Seal Captain Majid Abdullah Ngridth saying , ” God save our government and our homeland from all harm . ” he
also announced the Saudi international player Crescent former technical analyst, Nawaf Al Temyat, leaving channels , ” BNP Sport “Qatar, which worked as an analyst where the football matches.
the bid farewell Timyat his colleagues and friends in the channels via tweet to him, Tuesday, on Twitter , saying: ” With all the friendliness deposited my colleagues and friends in (BNP Sport), and the people of Qatar , wishing for good M success. ”
Timyat explained that the reason for him to make this decision because there is no room for choice when it comes to homelands, where he said in another tweet:” Not without home or choose a decision. The fate of the homeland. God save our country and its people, security and stability. ” It is
noteworthy that a number of Qatari employees channels announced their departure on the back of several countries cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar.