Maite country newspaper story adapted from “çáúïäçäí”


In June 2004, World Federation of Muslim scholars from London, the first global association, after incorporation in Dublin, Ireland, and led by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, then nearly 200 world of Sunni and Shiite Muslim, and of different sects and creeds.
Global Union issued Princes kinetic political Islam groups from various Arabic and Islamic countries, was and still is headed by leaders of the Brotherhood # group.
World Union’s goals came supported financially and logistically by father Prince Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Doha-based adopted its Chairman according to Qaradawi: “collection of scholars of the Ummah worldwide and be popular and not the Government.”
He added: “the biggest problem is when the referee intervened in science, science is drawn to service provision, this is lavished on Nations.”
In order to strengthen the Union’s position and sought through populist discourse to the General dominance and alienated from the official religious institutions, to dispute the legitimacy.
She met with Union propaganda speech “alshoi” and the patrons of the brotherhood’s womb, adding to what is known as “Salafist” radical, goal was one and was the religious institution confusion centered on the social dimension of people’s lives, and working on emptied of its legitimacy through black propaganda, political compromise, which got busy and worked with all the Islamic movements, with a view to the provision of “succession”.
In order to shake the confidence of a community religious institution, invented different descriptions such as “Islamic profiles scientists Sultan”, “clients not scientists,” and “scholars” dinar and dirham.
And was recently chosen by Qatar’s al-Raya newspaper headline, “broad” in red, “senior hypocrites,” in reference to senior scholars of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom’s Grand Mufti and Chairman of the Standing Committee for academic research and issuing fatwas, Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the Grand Mufti’s support against a background of interrupt Gulf Qatar and brotherhood to renounce fanaticism and extremism, saying: “to strengthen the Muslim Allah and be clear of the variability the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and there must be no hyperbole or fallacies, and there must be a clear curriculum work book of Allah, who came That is right, it is called the null is null, you must dimension of words and beliefs “, calling the brothers and others, tolerance for other people’s opinions and be behind the book and Sunnah.
Encompass brotherhood with other radical extremist groups embraced # Doha, emerged through a paper banner “match”, with the words “father Mohamed çáúïäçäí, spokesman for the Organization of ISIS, audio broadcast word” criterion “media arm, where senior scholars addressed #.
In October, 2015, # çáúïäçäí the word trademark was entitled “say to those who disbelieve will triumph,” kicking off “modern, our people in the land of the two Holy fool you for as long as the old charm of senior hypocrites and clients.”
In contrast, the “Ascension” denounced the media arm of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula and # Yemen opened its first issue in January 2016 to attack Saudi scientists, Gulf County resolution Qatar, noting that “some Arabic countries that criticize Qatar plays an ad campaign on Qatar, Qatar Emir Prince Tamim bin Hamad.
The statement attributed the newspaper loyal to Al Qaeda, Arabic States actions towards Qatar is a “disturbed their effective role Qatar in Yemen and of sympathy with the Muslim Brotherhood.
It seems that the inclusion of the name of Yusuf Qaradawi # within the wanted list and supporting terrorism, has made a tactical withdrawal as he did in June 2016, “stood against elders elders in Saudi Arabia I pray for those who called Allah party, it seems that a group of Saudi sheiks were more mature than me.”