Maintenance and development closed «gwatha» oldest mosques of Al-hasa

Unique Director Khalid Bin Ahmed announced important body for tourism and national heritage in Al hasa that closed the Museum and historic jawatha to conduct maintenance operations and development.

And the unique development work that began at the mosque in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Ahsa and the investor include the establishment of parking and restrooms in the ablution, placing signs and planting lawns, as well as the establishment of Eastern Heritage wall commensurate with the nature of the historical site. He explained that the Commission apologize for receiving visitors to the historic mosque and Hasa Museum until the completion of the development work.

The Director with the national heritage and tourism in Mont-thanks and appreciation to his Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman, Chairman of the General Authority for tourism and national heritage to support my “historic sites” and “historic mosques” in the hasa, he also thanked Prince Badr Bin Mohamed Bin jalawi Al-Ahsa Governor President of Tourism Development Council and its directives.

So the Director of the Office of monuments in Al-hasa Walid Ibn Abdullah Al Hussein that jawatha is one of the most important historical and oldest mosques in Sahih Bukhari Ibn Abbas Radi Allah had said that first Friday gathered after Friday Mosque in the Messenger Allah Allah bless him and bgwatha mosque Abdul qais from Bahrain. He explained that the Commission was included in the list of historic mosques, eight mosques are: jawatha, forced collector, collector dome in the historic Palace of Ibrahim, albetalet mosque, althimet mosque, althimet mosque, and a mosque, and a mosque uqair DIBs (conqueror), pointing out that the Commission is preparing to organize a workshop on historic mosques in Al-hasa in collaboration with King Faisal University, a branch of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawa and guidance, to review ways of the most important issues concerning the rehabilitation and development of historic mosques.