Mae calls for early elections. And «PT welcomed»


The British Prime Minister announced Tuesday in London, Mae Teresa unexpectedly new elections in Britain, want to RapidShare through it to ensure the full support of Parliament for the planned exit of the country from the European Union.

Mae said yesterday in a short statement that parliamentary elections on 8 June, and announced that the British Parliament is scheduled to vote Wednesday on new elections. It is said that may need a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Mai attributed the reason to hold new elections in particular to political differences about Britain’s exit from the European Union, adding that the Parliament is not currently agreed on the planned exit from the Union.

She warned that the disagreement carries with it the risk of turbulence and instability, saying that Britain needs to lead a strong and stable, said: “there is no undo checkout”.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbin British opposition Labor Party leader that he welcomed the decision of Prime Minister Theresa may call early elections, indicating that his party will provide the support you need RapidShare under election law. Corbin said in a statement, “I welcome the Prime Minister’s decision to give the British people the opportunity to vote for the Government put the majority’s interest first.”

And to call for elections need to support two-thirds of Parliament in a vote scheduled for Wednesday, and it was the British political belonging to conservatism was ruled out before new elections. But she had to defend herself more than once against accusations it has no authorization. MySQL was elected British Conservative Party from last July by her party to assume this post, after David Cameron’s predecessor resigned after voting for Britain’s exit from the European Union in the referendum which was conducted on June 23 last year.

And it wasn’t officially planned new elections in Britain only in 2020.

Mae announced her exit from the Union statement at the end of March.

But the decision may, new elections could postpone the start of negotiations coming up.

Under the Lisbon Treaty, the British Government still has time till two years to negotiate out of the European Union. This period ends in March 2019.

Britain is scheduled to leave the European internal market and Customs Union.