Low-dose aspirin reduces breast cancer


According to a recent us study # that low-dose aspirin, # 3 times a week, reducing the risk of injury # women breast cancer, the most common tumors among women # types throughout the world.

The study, according to Anatolia News Agency, carried out by researchers at City of hope cancer research viamirka, they published their results on Wednesday, in the journal Breast Cancer Research.

The researchers reached their scores, by analyzing data and 57 164 of ladies in the US State of California, in a study I started since 1995, lasted until 20133.

The researchers found that women who ate low-dose aspirin, at least 3 times a week, with reduced risk of breast cancer by 16% compared to women who ate low-dose aspirin but irregularly.

The researchers also found that low doses of aspirin taken regularly, limit the growth receptor called HER2, a hormone may stimulate the growth of cancer, responsible for about 20 to 30% of breast cancer _ tumors.

She said the research team leader Dr Christina Clark, that the results of their study indicate that low-dose aspirin can be effective in the prevention of cancer _ breast.

But she stressed that more studies are needed in this regard before you dependent results as recommendations.

A previous study had revealed new benefits of aspirin, proved that its components play a key role in the prevention of cancer, prevent proliferation of malignant tumours in the body.

Other research has shown that aspirin cure devastating neurological diseases, chiefly alshair disease and paralysis _ tremors, useful for venous thrombosis, can be a safer and less costly, as compared to the expensive clot drugs.