To lose weight. Here’s this meal “anstgharamih” perfect


Spread out a new way to prepare healthy eggs, especially among religious followers systems _ food for weight loss, where the site was filled with various pictures endeavors that dish delicious, which does not exceed _ its prices thermal 160 CAL. recipe _ eggs health called “white cloud”, due to the shape of egg whites _ who resembles a cloud after its preparation, while lies the yolk in the Middle, as photographic report, newspaper daily mail transfer “

And how to prepare the meal “alanstgharamih” begins by separating egg whites from yolks, beat whites until firm its texture becomes like a fog. You can add some herbs or cheese _ grated low-fat, and then divides into separate units in a cooking pot, with the importance of forming what looks like a hole in the middle.

Whiteness units are cooked scrambled hot oven advance temperature 230 ° c for 5 to 8 minutes. Then come out cooking pot from the oven and put the egg yolks into the “hole” for each unit of cloud, with egg whites add a little salt and pepper, to taste.

Recycled cooking pot to the oven to cook for 5 minutes (or maybe a bit more if desired), then you become healthy meal ready to be served.