LNA reveals new information about the Manchester attack port activities


Army spokesman, Colonel Ahmed Cuneiform, at a press conference held on Wednesday, the Manchester accident port entered Libya in 2011, and participated with Al Qaeda in Libya, Dawn battles fought in the process of duress, and then escapes for wound treatment with a fake passport in the name of Mohamed Salem Salem, through Turkey and Qatar, then used a British passport to travel for treatment in London.

Sumerian said that the bomber’s father, nicknamed “Camorra”, has serious security record in Libya, and is one of the cornerstones of Jemaah Islamiyah with Abdelhakim belhadj, adding that he was wanted in Al-Qa’ida have security devices time kadhafi.

The spokesman noted the Libyan national army bomber’s father was working in the field of security, airport and fled in the 1990s he and his wife, the family returned to Libya in 2011.

And the process that the British authorities had classified as a terrorist group the lobby Hall “arena” Monday night at the closing concert of the famous American singer, Ariana Grande, suicide attack killed 22 people and injured 59 others, including a large number of children.

And announced the Organization of “ISIS”, a terrorist at the international level, responsibility for the attack, which has become the biggest in Britain since 2005, when terrorist bombings rocked London, capital of the country, 4 in the process killing 52 people.

British authorities said that attacker in Manchester is Salman Al-Obeidi, born in Britain, was 22 years old, while local media said he was born into a family of Libyan immigrants in Britain.