How she lived 21 Saudi city entertainment in General?


I turned off the Saudi entertainment first waxed it Tuesday after a year of its launch in a number of different events in 21 cities in Saudi Arabia was broken by multiple activities touching all segments of society.
Entertainment that watching him was teased Saudis talk among different community segments and hopefully contribute to programs and still in the cultural and economic revival through a variety of recreational activities support enriches the culture of Saudi society.
And aspiring young entertainer “body,” according to the official account on Twitter, to redefine the concept of happiness and leisure for citizens and residents through various activities that fit all the categories.
Backed by entertainment industry contributed in body SR 2.05 generation for every 1 spent on administration of every recreational activity, where the actors contributed approximately 106 events held in 21 cities in Saudi Arabia by Omar body in der million riyals on the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia rather than spend it overseas.
The Commission said it was able to offer activities and events to more than 2.3 million people residing in Saudi Arabia in its first year.
Many events provided by the entertainment it re-performances of poetry, programs and activities that apply to all slides in the singer’s interaction Twitter in hshtagh “#عام_من_السعادة” between supporters of the entertainment programmes and activities and dismissive of what triggered the body of events, which is what he sees as some normal needs time to take his place.
The Commission hopes to provide everything you need Saudi family in the Kingdom of programmes and activities to limit the Travel Leisure and their families out of the country and spend millions riyals outside Saudi Arabia.