A little story before bedtime enhances children’s cognitive skills increases memory

Shot of a father reading a bedtime story to his daughter

If the # classic before bed is not a part of your routine, you may need to add, where a recent study showed the daily mail newspaper, that read # stories with children gives them support and improve cognitive abilities.
The researchers are hoping to boost their scores this value # interactive reading which encourage children to participate actively.
And document Research Center medical sinsintai for children “in the effects on the brains of children ages # preschool.
Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, researchers found more activity in brain activation children aged 4 years, when they are very involved in listening to the story.
This result highlights the value of reading through “dialogue”, when the child is encouraged to participate during story time.
Commenting on the results, said Dr John Hutton, who led the study, that “the duties of parents to participate more when reading with their child, and ask questions. We must ask the child turn pages. And should the interaction between parents and children while reading the story.
Through this exercise, could stimulate brain activity through the development of reading and writing skills at the preschool age children.
In this study, checked 22 girl aged 4 years, using fMRI while reading a story with their mothers.
The surveys showed that children who display great interest in the narrative they have increased activity of the right side of the cerebellum, a region of the brain believed to support cognitive skills.
This is the main area is the valve and the key to memory, problem solving and attention.
Researchers are now hoping to have more long term studies to reach the factors that bring between parents and children and contributing to the growth of healthy brain more in children.
Sourse: alarabiya.net