Lip augmentation in a natural way


Each home-Arab live: pinkness is free of cracks or fading, is every girl’s dream, they reflect the beauty of her skin and glowing, it’s also the title of gravitation and femininity, it shows visually the freshness of your face.

These ways to get beautiful lips naturally:

1. Cactus: is one of the best natural remedies to consummate the freshness and protect lips from the Sun, all you have to do to take advantage of the Aloe Vera in the beauty of lips, he put Aloe Vera gel on your lips before bed.

2. use sugar: put sugar on the lips with rub gently, rinse your lips with warm water, and finally do moisturize your lips with lip balm.

3. honey and olive oil: make your mix a teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of olive oil, rub your lips to mix gently, then rinse your lips with warm water, this will help you in getting rid of the dead skin of the lips, as will moisture and increase their health.

4. wet your whistle lips mix a teaspoon of Vaseline with olive oil and put mixture on your lips daily before sleeping.

5. Don’t lick your lips: some girls when they feel dry pouty lips, they yearn for the belief that it works on moistened, but increases the dry lips, if you are of those, stop doing so immediately.

6. drink water frequently: make sure to drink at least 2 litres of water daily to ensure that your body and your skin and moisturizing your lips to keep them fresh.

(Today advice)

•تدليك lips with circular movements for thirty minutes a day, it helps to stimulate circulation in the lips, thus increasing its size and breathed. ∙ Toothbrushes and passed on the lips with transverse movements from right to left, regenerate cells and recover and thus swell the lips. •رسم lip cosmetics formulated way; as select lips by makeup, and then painted with bright lipstick and pastel. •تمرير ice cubes on the lips on a daily basis, the cooler ice stimulate and revitalize the tissues of lips and breathed. •تناول vitamin E and collagen pills are nutrients to lips. •غسل face with SOAP and massage SOAP with circular movements to the vicinity of lipstick as blush because it strengthens the muscles of the face that has an effect on Lip augmentation. •شد lips on one, it increases the exercise the task of praying lips cells on a particular form, so hold in this way your lips and draw it pretty tight. ∙ Essential oils, herbs and natural materials: ◦العسل: fat honey on the lips on a daily basis, and after a week of use lips begin to swell. ◦ Clove oil: it is available by entering the perfumery continuously, and spread it on the lips twice a day for 30 minutes. ◦لبن yogurt and yeast: yeast is known as one of the most important natural substances capable of blowing it, placed anywhere in this recipe yeast is added to yogurt to give lip gloss, moisture, mix half a teaspoon of yeast with a tablespoon of yogurt, and then painted them on lips three times a day, this method of quick results may appear after a day of use. ◦الفازلين: available in all homes as one treatment creams for many skin irritations, fat lips more than once per day, and also can put a thin layer of it over lipstick, gloss, which gives him lip would appear swollen and full. ◦عصير lemon, used only once a week, smacking him on the lips for twenty minutes, releasing it from dead cells and shows it more glamorous and swollen.