«Links» and «Norinco» sign an agreement for refining and petrochemical company» in China

< Saudi Aramco signed, China North Industries Corporation (Norinco), Inc bangingh shinshi industrial sunset limited, today, Norinco project agreement Saudi Aramco refining, petrochemical and retail, and laying the Foundation for the project in panjin city in Northeast China’s Liaoning province.
He was Minister of energy, industry and mineral resources engineer Khalid Al-Falih signing ceremony at his presence to participate in the Forum and belt road for international cooperation in China, which will pave the way for joint development of network building refining and chemicals and retail.
Later, a party of breaking ground on the project site, attended by all of the top Deputy President for refining, processing and marketing in Saudi Aramco engineer Abdulaziz ancient, Norinco Group Chairman Yen giakso, Executive Vice Governor of Liaoning province, Zhang Li, Chairman and Chief Executive administrators Asia Aramco Nabil Bliss, panjin municipal party Secretary Gao Qi, adding a number of representatives of relevant ministries, regional administrations, Norinco group, Saudi Aramco, hwagin group.
The ancient said: «Norinco company and Liaoning Provincial Government among the best partners in this project, as they provide great added value in order to develop the project with us. As is the case in such joint ventures, perhaps we encounter some difficulties or challenges when actual commencement of project implementation on the ground, but I am sure that we will be able to overcome successfully, further to its
Saudi Aramco experience and unrivalled efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of major projects, and secondly, the design and the desire of all parties work one team for the success of this project.
Meanwhile, Liaoning Provincial Governor Chen Cueva start creating groundbreaking project in the wake of the agreement signed by the engineer Abdulaziz ancient, Deputy General Manager of Norinco group Xiaogang.
This project constitutes a hard core in future planning for the petrochemical industry in China main ingredient to complement existing industrial base in Northeast China, one of the major projects under industrial value chain of Norinco group.
Finally, the project received the approval of the regional development and Reform Commission of Liaoning after completion of the environmental impact assessment and the project project implementation support document on 23 in less than three years. The construction works on the principle of integration and development of complexes, diversity and expansion, as the aim of the project is structured around local integrated pilot base for refining and chemicals based on global standards by following standard rationalization and sustainability and the use of advanced techniques.
The project will contribute to the implementation of the «road belt» launched by China, adding to China’s petrochemical sector development how safe, effective and environmentally and in partnership with major international companies operating in this field.
The project will strengthen the presence of Saudi Aramco’s business expansion in refining and processing and marketing sector in China, according to what Chinese economic market of importance for future investments for the Kingdom, Saudi Aramco, will enhance the competitiveness of petrochemical and chemical industries, Norinco group, high-value and will be an essential ingredient to overall economic growth in Liaoning webangin.
Norinco group signed several memorandums of understanding to invest in the Kingdom with a number of government agencies and eligibility, including a series of projects are compatible with the Vision 2030 Kingdom.
This project is expected to contribute to improving the resources belonging to all parties and a new milestone in the petrochemical industry to fit all components integration and optimization and efficiency of capital, as well as its location in an economically promising area.
When partners will implement the project on professional and administrative best practices in the area of operation and maintenance and value.