The Libyan Government of reconciliation: “duress” still at war


Defence Ministry spokesman Colonel Libyan Reconciliation Government Mohamed alghasari, the forces of “duress” in Sirte, still at war, and it is ready to face any emergency.

Local media quoted alghasari as saying Monday that the “duress mobilized its forces operations room in Sirte and environs to secure the city, in anticipation of any security breach could happen such as Eid.”

And the Defence Ministry spokesman denied the Government of Concord news circulating in social networking sites on the deterioration of the security situation in the city of Sirte, saying he did not “unfounded.”

The SIRT testify looting and armed robbery in the southern and central city, the latest abduction of a military police, steal his car, and subsequently released by the city’s military source.

Duress forces had managed to expel the Organization of “ISIS” from Sirte in December/December 2016.

Source: d b a

Yassin Boteti