Libraries ‘ second book fair concludes Taif University


Concluded the deanship, Taif University 2nd book exhibition under the title “book of coexistence and art and life,” whose resounding success and great interest, so skip the number of visitors more than 3000 g in two days only from within and outside the University.

In detail, the exhibition contains a number of events, where the hosted a number of Saudi intellectuals and writers and aladibat, as was the work of specialist books and recycling corner is the exchange of books used in view during events also plays (anxiety) and (margins), and a number of workshops.

And in the events also, Yala team participated in the launch of the first volunteer Sawa Gallery for the largest gathering of painters and photographers Taif entitled “women’s full gallery,” adapted from a novel written by Saudi Arabia Sultan Musa, who was acclaimed by all visitors.
The exhibition included over 40 Board and some fine art, and was involved in the corner for translation of the novel in English.
On the other hand, said his agent Deanship Dr nice baqmi: that what we are trying to create through book fairs is an intellectual cultural revolution to attract all categories, especially young class to highlight their talents and their creations through various activities of the exhibition, we seek to offer new ideas on each fair to reach our vision and conscious cultured generation is aware of the importance of the word art and its ability to create and form creation.