Legitimate forces controlled the important locations in Saada


Yemeni army said on Saturday, his control over several important locations in Saada province north of the country.

Saada said the Media Center said in a statement that “the national army forces have taken over the black altbab, mountain barley in baqim Saada province.”

He noted that the coup deposed in favor of huthi and militia suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment. “

In Western civilization, sixteen solsticial died in raids of coalition aircraft.

Field said that coalition aircraft intensified Friday night raids on huthi’s militia positions and groupings and for East camp, junction Distributor, walwazaih, and mkbenh parties.

With continued fighting between troops and rebels legitimacy in several regions of Western civilization, and the legitimate forces of control on some sites the putschists.

On the other hand, residents complained about 70 abductees in favour of houthi militias and prisons of torture after their announcement on hunger strike to protest their usurped and ill.

It has already been abducted mothers Association said in a report she spotted 818 people tortured in prisons in the militia.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Alliance revealed to monitor human rights violations in Yemen yesterday about that preacher and militia ousted the coup committed 2723 violation against civilians in 17 provinces during the first quarter of the year 2017.

The left Alliance said in its Bulletin coup militia patrol killed 47 civilians, including 312 children and 24 women, and injured 129 others including 467 children and 63 women.

He noted that the coup militia kidnapped and tortured civilians including 1296 413, was forced to hide at least 12 others died during torture in prison, drawing attention to those abducted included 42 children and 6 women and 80 active socially and politically and 14 businessmen and 10 civil society organizations and 194 of categories of workers and 14 of wajahat community and 14 medical cadre.

The left Alliance to monitor human rights abuses committed by subversive militia attacks on public and private enterprises reached 648 including 122 public facility and 526 private facility.

In the meantime, the International Union of Jurists condemned the death sentence a court preacher and militia in favor of the coup of Yemeni journalist Yahya algbihai.

The EU said in a statement the signing of nikati Secretary General of Ceylon: this provision infringes on freedom of information guaranteed by the International Covenant on Civil and political rights, and violates his right to exercise his work as a civilian journalist what violates international legal norms.

He added that the allegations of militia-controlled judiciary that claim to rule Yemen two years ago and is not subject to the standards of Justice and lacked credibility and claim in court.