Legitimate forces closing in on the rebels West of Taiz


Coalition aircraft intensified Arab raids on houthi positions and good forces within the camp of Khalid and surrounding Western distributor hurled headquarters as in legitimate forces tightened underpinned the Alliance on the ground screws on the houthis on the outskirts of the camp from the West side of the camp.

Military sources confirmed that the engineering teams for legitimate and coalition forces are disarming mines laid by the putschists in the areas surrounding the camp what hampered legitimate forces on Earth.

As well as coalition warplanes launched raids on rebel sites targeted at the camp sites in Western alberh district mkbenh breaker, where pitching prisons Katyusha rocket launchers there, and fired several rockets at troop positions, which fired artillery on their sites. Field sources that houthi raids killed 10 and injured 14 others.

And in the province of jawf, armed clashes in angled fronts and weld saw artillery exchange between the two parties resulted in deaths and injuries from the rebels.

MIDI in Hajjah governorate, the Arab Alliance fighters launched three GART targeted gatherings of the putschists and resulted in the destruction of tanks and military vehicles in green farms. They also targeted similar sites in sarwah in Ma’rib.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni army launched operation arrowhead, seawall, to comb the coast Southwest MIDI and its islands fifth military region command.

Marine Colonel Commander Mohamed Salam asbahi told today published on September 26 website of the Yemeni armed forces operation launched by the MIDI port with the participation of two squadrons of armed boats aimed at combing the coasts and Islands of the bemidi cells of the putschists and cleared of mines planted by the militia boats started rapid deployment towards the Southwest Islands.

Asbahi pointed to a number of armed rebel movements on opposite coasts, pouted to the South of MIDI and was handled, it was revealed the amount of sea mines during the RAID near Maimana 82 Brigade.

Commander maritime operation arrowhead area has been cordoned off and locate and mark mines danger beside her to guide fishermen to stay away from them being dangerous regions, indicating that the engineering teams started disposal drag it to one of the Islands are inhabited and was dismantled and detonated.

Meanwhile four detainees in the prisons of houthi rebels in Hodeidah seriously after being exposed to fire by the city’s central prison guards.

And the Association of mothers of abductors province to central security in prison guards opened fire Thursday on inmates, given that this is a dangerous precedent by militias.

And carried the association between issued yesterday following the execution of abducted mothers protest in front of the United Nations Office in the city, a preacher and militia loyalists lives and safety of all children abducted by the barbaric act and forced blinds them and denial of visitation and minimum rights as clean food, clean water and medicine, quickly release them unconditionally.

She appealed to the mothers of abducted and forced the United Nations Organization is a vanishing quickly intervene to release their sons, demanding at the same time, all humanitarian organizations and human rights override silence and quickly intervene to stop crimes committed by the militias.