At least 122 people were killed in Sri Lanka floods

فيضانات في سريلانكا

Sri Lankan authorities said Saturday at least 122 dead in floods caused by heavy monsoon rains on Friday led to Seoul and soil slipping accidents.

The disaster management Center said the death toll Saturday evening had risen to 122. 97 is still missing.

Authorities evacuated 230, 000 people from their homes in the South and West of the country affected by the monsoon rains.

The army search operations in areas of landslides. And sent five planes to rescue another five to transport relief supplies to villagers trapped in their areas and cannot be accessed from the road.

Sri Lanka’s Interior Minister, the most abundant rains abiwardina salaried employees is over but there is a risk of flooding. He called on residents to leave the lowlands and Highland resort to least affected.

Abiwardina told reporters in Colombo still cannot reach a large number of areas. ” “There are some sectors that are not even accessible by helicopter and ships.”

He said the Government dropped from ten thousand weather jacket save people trapped 104 prepared shelters in public buildings for evacuee.

Indian ship arrived Saturday in Colombo to provide assistance to Sri Lanka. Carrying a crew of rescue and medical rubber boats and medicine. A second ship is supposed to arrive Monday.

The Meteorological Department said it expects a decline in rainfall.

These seasonal rains which were expected Thursday evening, ended the drought was threatening the agricultural sector as well as the production of energy in the country.