Learn the most important revenue achieved by the Trump of Russia.

ترامب لم يحقق اي عائدات من روسيا "ما خلا بعض الاستثناءات"

Chery said. Dillon Wilma f. Nelson, the lawyers at the Office of Morgan, Lewis & bokios “law firm based in Washington, in a letter to their client, dated the 8th of May/June, three of them made deals Trump royalties from Russian sources.

The message said that Miss Universe which owns Trump rights held in 2013 in Moscow that year had earned foreign currencies worth $12.2 million, a large portion of which is attributable to the event, which was held in Moscow.

In 2008 the company sold “trump real estate property in Florida to a Russian billionaire in a deal worth 95 million dollars.

During the past 10 years has sold the Trump Organization and third parties properties or services to materialists or Ross rounded down, among those sales rooms and apartments and hotels with golf courses and the Trump brand products.

The lawyers stressed in their letter to their client tax statements for Trump doesn’t have “(2) any religion in the lobby or in the Trump Organization owes to creditors Ross or any benefit paid her for yourselves or Trump Organization paid to creditors, or (3) any investment in shares by Russian entities or persons in control or companies controlled by the Trump Organization, or (4) any investment in shares or bonds you have done yourself or by trump in Russian entities.”

Trump was mentioned the letter in an interview with NBC aired Thursday, stressing that “Apart from this (exceptions) do not have any link with Russia.”