Le Pen: France return to use franc instead of euro

Anatolia-candidate defended in the presidential election in France, Le Pen, the extreme right-wing Marin her should return to using the old national currency “franc” instead of “Euro” single currency among European Union countries, said Le Pen, told the French newspaper Le Parisien on Sunday that “France must control the national currency, to be able to make economic adjustments.” Le Pen referred to ElTreated within the European Union single currency and common burden “on.” the euro had died, and the deal should be available by large companies working in the field of international trade. “Le Pen is competing, her second place in the first round of the presidential elections in France last week, with midfielders candidate Emmanuel shifty (39 years), transit visa to the Elysee in the second round of balloting scheduled next May 7. According to the official results of the first round of the presidential elections, announced by the French Constitutional Council Last Wednesday, the shifty race with 24.01%, followed by Le Pen with 21.30% of votes.