Le Monde “accuses the Moroccan Government head” no moderation “. Why?

"لوموند" تتهم رئيس الحكومة المغربي "بعدم الاعتدال".. لماذا؟

The newspaper said in an article published on Wednesday, entitled “when I sing I first Minister didoni Awad Berns”, the Prime Minister, Saad Eddine Othmani is showing “a face not unlike mild moderate Islamic and consensual said,” through his previous tweets on Twitter “returns for years 2014 and 2015.

Le Monde quoted the chef saadeddine Othmani, revives a long way, as saying that “among the Ottoman politicians Moroccans most active on Twitter.

The paper drew and limits on Tuesday, Moroccan Prime Minister tweets on Twitter Tweet 15500, 33300 thousand subscribers, noting that “the first President of the Moroccan Government is available on the Twitter account”.

He recorded “since the second half of the month of March/April last, since his appointment as head of the Government, it doesn’t publish his account only events related to forming a majority government or a picture with his guests at his villa in Al-Salam neighborhood in the city of Holland.

“Le Monde”, “you have to look in the archives of his account on Twitter to find letters reverse image of modernity that Ottoman attempts to build in decades, as on 14 January/February 2015, one week after the terrorist attack that hit satirical magazine Charlie does, where former Foreign Minister wrote, the new Prime Minister Saad Ottoman: social media ignites in solidarity with French artist quip Dieudonné, where defenders of freedom of expression? JeSuisDieudonne”.

The French newspaper, that “despite the passage of two years it did not erase this Tweet from his account,” saying it “reveals a lot about his character.”

He recalled the Dieudonné cynical French artist had written on his account in Twitter following Charlie does: I’m Charlie Coulibaly. Knowing that Coulibaly was one of the attackers. “

Le Monde quoted from its run, saying, “he doesn’t remember much of that Tweet (Tweet I didoni),” adding that they “are not important, and that his thoughts expressed in cultured Ottoman and accepts all the polite debate, opting for” Twitter “because being elitist social network in Morocco, and uses them to exchange ideas with intellectuals and politicians in Morocco and abroad.

The same paper, that “its run Dr in Linguistics, 28-year-old, who is overseeing the Ottoman accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and joined the Ottoman Saad, former Secretary of State, after he left the Government in October/November 2013, returning to his clinic in Psychiatry in Rabat, was in need of publish his thoughts on national issues and Foreign Affairs, as well as the Islamic Ummah, such as Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, since all the Tweets almost never come out about these issues, without knowing who it belongs to him call Last published at last “.

Le Monde pointed out to other former Ottoman April 4 April 2014, saying: “died Friday thinker Mohamed Sayed Qutb, Qutub Shaheed’s brother, at the age of 95 years, many of his compositions and King Faisal Prize 1988”, revealing that the term “martyr” used by the ideological connotations Ottoman, “especially if we know that the term is linked to Sayed Qutb who considers Abba jihadists.”