Lavrov: The only solution to the Syrian crisis is a Security Council resolution 2254

Anatolia – said the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, on Wednesday, the only solution to the Syrian crisis, as put forward his country, is the UN Security Council Resolution 2254, “which confirms the Syrian people’s right of self – determination his country “.onqlt channel” Russia “official today quoted Lavrov as saying,” the settlement plan ready for us, and was approved in the Security Council under resolution 2254, not in Washington, “in reference to an alternative plan put forward by uS President Donald Tramb.oatalib decision 2254 issued on December 18 / December 2015, all parties immediately stop N attacks against civilian targets, Member States and urges the Security Council, to support efforts to achieve a cease-Nar.kma request the United Nations to combine the two parties to enter into formal negotiations, and the holding of free and fair elections under United Nations auspices, in order to make a shift Ssayas.ooodh the Russian minister, in a press statement that ” the Security Council resolution referred to, clarify all aspects based on the settlement to the principle that the Syrian people is the only authorized in the fate of his country ‘s report” .otaliqa on Trump ‘s plan for a settlement in Syria, Lavrov said : “We have discussed with the Minister of Foreign Affairs American Rex Tillerson, the Syrian crisis is fully implemented, and I am fully confident that no alternative application sincere Security Council resolution , ” the past .walosbua, conducted Tillerson, in the capital Moscow, talks with Russian officials, amid disagreements escalating between Washington and Moscow after a missile attack by the United States detonated April 7 / April this on air base Syria in response to an attack by the Syrian regime on 4 April with chemical weapons on the town of Khan Sheikhun in Idlib province , which resulted in hundreds of deaths and part, said the agency “Osyoshitd Press,” that the US president ‘s plan includes a political transition are four stages in the Syria, and is accompanied by intense cooperation between Washington and Moss And to take care of Atmamha.oohart that the first phase of the proposed Trump plan, is the total elimination of the “Islamic state”, and the second normalization of the situation in Syria, and the third step down the Syrian regime President Bashar al – Assad, and the fourth includes the reconstruction and normal life to Soeria.omund in 2013 it began to Russia and the United States, the search for compromise solutions to resolve the crisis in Syria, but the focus of the survival of the President of the system Basharalosd, whether or not, the depth of differences between the two countries.