Launch of the world’s largest tourism fair. And a Saudi presence strong.


Today starts the largest travel and tourism fair in the world “Berlin stock exchange” different circumstances and rise significantly to notify the right decisions and the American President Donald Trump against his travel of citizens of Muslim countries and terrorism.

And participates in the show ten thousand companies and travel and Tourism Agency, investment and 5000 journalist and blogger 51 session focused this year on Asia and Arabic and tourist hangouts.

And engaged General Commission for tourism and national heritage listing for featured image transfer from the Kingdom and tourist heritage enjoyed by displaying a range of movies, photos and publications with information on huge investment opportunities available in heritage and tourist areas in the Kingdom and attracting major tourism companies to invest in the Kingdom and the definition of corporate administrators global investment destination projects.

Saudi wing participates many tourist and travel agencies, Saudi Arabian Airlines and scholarship Club in Berlin

For his part, Vice President for marketing and mandated programmes in tourism and national heritage Abd Allah leader in remarks to Saudi news agency that the exhibition would be an important opportunity to acquaint the world with the historical legacy of the Kingdom and the cultural dimension besides the big development in the Renaissance and highlight cultural diversity and unique environmental features of the Kingdom.