Launch of the second phase of the programmes «master» in the yard


Launched the second phase of the community training programs «master» patio share 81 trainees and that 3 people in programmes «principles of electricity and refrigeration and car maintenance», come this stage after stage one which benefited 91 participants in the implementation of community service and continuing education center of the General Administration for technical and vocational training in the yard,

The Director General of technical and vocational training in Baha Riccardo that this new step which aims to develop the skills of community members within the context of the realization of the Vision 2030 Kingdom and meet the wishes of citizens in developing life skills in technical and professional areas, and possess the skills and basic principles in those areas. Noting that he still continued recording programmes established in the next two weeks and update the procedures for payment and the amount of SAR 200 symbolism through attendance to the Community Centre and the continuous training of technical college courtyard. Balmkhwah technical college branch, stating that after the end of the programme the trainees will be given certificates from enterprise.

Adding of admission to advanced training programmes at least 15 years, and to be a Saudi citizen.