Launch programs “breakthroughs” in Tabuk education


TSC events set off from family and community and school partnerships (Guide) this morning at Tabuk education school leaders in the region in the first group, with a view to enhancing the participation of school with family and community.

The Assistant said the education of boys and General supervisor and Chief Abdul Majid alkair’s ascent to the Ministry of education aimed at strengthening participation initiative through school with family and community in the educational process and their role in promoting national identity and values (high) to enable the school to build an effective partnership with families, and enable families to participate in school activities during and outside the opening time, and to enable family of promoting Islamic values and the development of the national identity of its children, and empowering civil society support partnership for access to the knowledge society.

He added that the initiative (elevation) is an initiative of the national transformation programme of the Ministry of education, Saudi Arabia vision of 2030, as stipulated under dynamic community hub vision: (from our “high” a greater role for the family in the education of their children: the parents ‘ interest in their children’s education is a fundamental pillar of successful schools and students parents play a bigger role in this area with more school activities that enhance their participation in the educational process, and its aim is to involve 80 percent of families in school activities by the year 1442, 2020 m) Noting Monitor student activity Director Dr alharthi, Yahya Al partnership supervisor training.