Launch capacity development course dealing with the disabled in Jeddah

Hussein inaugurated Rahim Qadir, the Assistant Director General of the region on behalf of Mohamed allhiani, Director General of the Ministry of labour and social development branch in Makkah, Jeddah Wednesday morning training course for the development of disabled workers capabilities which are held by the Institute of higher capacity and industry specialist will Institute for the care of persons with special needs in cooperation with the Ministry of labour branch and the direct support of the community service program BAJ.
The concert opened with verses from mentioning wise incontinent student then Superintendent Mohamed Al-Hammoud Institute that scientific forum embodies all the meanings of the societal role of the Institute in the rehabilitation and education of persons with disabilities with dealers as their families and their teachers, employers and employees in the public sector and is an indication of true awareness of issues of these groups qualified.
The scientific and logical studies help to show their creativity and change the negative perception towards them and affirms the principle that we won the bid development partners and establish their ambitious vision 2030 for our Kingdom.
And on behalf of people with disabilities speaking voice Member Jeff thanking will attend and the event-based tokens, said that modern technology and training of people with disabilities it contribute to facilitate a lot of our needs and technical paradigm notary agencies and its positive impact on us as well as the programme of preaching and Ministry of labour and social development programs that contribute to help everyone and reduce the time to complete the process.
With the group leader Dr Fahad Al legitimacy and community service by a bank that the Bank $100 100 million for community service programs where involving the Bank within its responsibilities towards society, adding that the best Island to islanders.
He thanked the Ministry of labour and the Institute will implement this event which contributed to the definition of dealers with our brothers from the disabled.
While Hussein is omnipotent, Assistant Director General of the Ministry of labour and social development branch in Makkah about Ministry support for such programs aimed at serving expensive classes.
He thanked the brothers in the Institute of capacity and will to this gesture as well as community service programs at BAJ.
At the end of the inauguration ceremony and booster Shepherd was honored lecturers, and then set off the lectures of scientific training that will last for four days of intense and attended more than 60 trainees from government agencies and for the region.