Ladies only. 30 minutes sport makes you stronger and thinner. “


A recent study found that moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day, her immediate and positive effect on girls ‘ and women’s bodies make more power and agility.
The study revealed that carried out by researchers from the University of British Colombia in Canada, and transfer their results website born sky “on health, the relationship between exercise and satisfaction of their own body image for women.
During the study, researchers follow 60 college-age girl, who had already their body shape concerns, participants were divided into two groups, moderate physical activity first exercised for 30 minutes a day, while the other group engaged in quiet read while sitting and not to engage in any activity.
Furthermore, researchers found that exercise has had an immediate impact on improving body image significantly, and this has continued for at least 20 minutes after exercise, compared with the other group.
The first group felt that their own body strength improved significantly after exercise, they feel that they are the strongest and thinnest.
Kathleen Martin, said Guinness, Professor at the University of British Colombia in Canada, women generally tended to feel dissatisfaction about the shape of their bodies, which this study was able to find a simple solution, but a light exercise for half an hour a day.