Do you know how to protect bank card from theft?

Every home – Riyadh – rebounds: Is it possible to steal bank card? The answer , according to technical experts, yes and without feeling that you are a victim of a scam , too. The more banks invented # preventive measures to protect their customers thieves invent new ways to defraud, and remains knowledge of safety procedures while using the cards, is to secure the most effective method. Technical expert, Abdullah Saud’s “Net” explained that one of the most common ways to steal # Bataqat_alpennekah is through skimming or capture PIN number of the card by a person control when entered PIN, either at the cashier or store. He pointed out that once you get the thief on the information will be able to create a fake copy of matching the asset, and benefit from, but if a credit card, it is easy to make purchases over the Internet #, especially that these processes do not require a physical card. Saud added that the procedures # safety in this case requires cover the keyboard when you enter the PIN, and avoid taking advice from strangers who stand to the side of the hardware, as it is important not to choose a secret number easy, such as birth date, or type the number in the paper and keep them in wallet, because once lost, the thief will be able to know the number. And other means of fraud Saud said, there are also providing ATM reader cards fake, or keyboard fake keys, where these add – ons to register all the data that passes through and capture information and numbers from the magnetic strip on the back of the card, with a view to issuing fake cards the same information, and Thus , the presence of device indicators, the majority of ATMs in the region crashes in order to force customers to use a single device. The safety procedures, the need to identify the appearance of the device # Abav_alala before you use it and lose to discover which is abnormal, as the existence of equipment or strange wires installed with no use of ATM if there were people wandering around the place, especially if you are out of state, it is best to use devices ATM containing the surveillance camera feature, where thieves can not install devices to defraud the ATM under surveillance. Saud noted that the theft of the cards may be online, a common method of fraud, and depend on the creation of fake sites for the names of well – known companies, and when you attempt to purchase and insert the card, it is clear that they forged sites specially prepared to steal numbers. Thus, it is necessary to use a safe search system when shopping online, and there is another common way, letters # Albraid_alaketrona that come from legal sources or from the bank itself, and requests the mobilization of a database containing personal information such as the card number or password, with knowing that there is no official party requesting this type of information via e – mail message, so “should not be provided with one such information never.”