King’s guests arrive Medina


Arrived at Medina, on Wednesday, the first batch of the ninth group of pilgrims hosted a guest lectureship custodian Salman bin Abdulaziz for Umrah and visit, and implemented by and supervised by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawa and guidance.

The first batch of guests (153) voluntary Tawaaf and prominent Islamic figures performing Umrah from 7 countries: Indonesia (40), and Malaysia (40), and Turkey (20), Ethiopia (20), China (20), ivory (10), Bangladesh (3), and the second is scheduled to arrive Thursday, pilgrims to complete the ninth group guests access (230) voluntary Tawaaf (11) State of the continents of Asia and Africa.

Guests were greeted at the airport by Prince Mohamed Bin Abdul Aziz international program where officials have completed their arrival guests, then boarded buses heading to residence next to the Holy Mosque.

And through the guests profound thanks and appreciation to the King Salman supported by Allah for allowing under this program, to perform Umrah and spend several days in Hyderabad, praying in the Holy Mosque, emphasizing the importance of the programme in achieving visit Umrah and continuous communication with Muslims around the world, and discuss the issues and challenges of the Islamic nation, especially at the moment where the growing phenomenon of Islamophobia in the world.

They emphasized that this program is not surprising on the Kingdom’s leaders being a work of Jalil and a good effort for the service of Islam and Muslims, and added to the Kingdom’s efforts to serve Muslims and create ways to perform Hajj and Umrah with ease and tranquility.

In turn, program Secretary Abdullah Al Medlej Al Medlej guests custodian in their second wishing them an acceptable age, and a nice, assuring to provide all the facilities and harness all possibilities for the guests every religion rites and peace.

The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dawa and guidance Sheikh Saleh Al-Sheikh has directed to provide all the facilities and services to guests; program continues, check on progress of the programme in accordance with the plans.

Al Medlej said that the program includes visits to sightseeing in both Medina and Mecca, to see the Kingdom care custodian, Quran, where service will visit King Fahd complex for printing the Holy Quran, Allah’s names Gallery Hasani, Quba mosque, one of the martyrs, in Medina, as well as factory livery Kaaba, Gallery building custodian at Mecca, spend a cultural day in Walker Park in Taif, in addition to meetings with imams custodian, meetings among the guests handshake.

He added that the program complements program custodian for Hajj in its goals and objectives, both great ownership deed are in favor of Islam and its people, and oversee programs Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawa and guidance, since its Foundation seeks Kingdom to serve Islam and Muslims, every comfort for pilgrims and pilgrims and visitors.

He Al Medlej group guests last group represents the ninth in the second year of a program that is the custodian of the launch, and was inaugurated by the Minister for Islamic Affairs, Dawa and guidance in Sha’ban in 1436, and implemented and supervised by the Ministry is represented in the Secretariat of the programme.