King Salman enjoys the title of servant of Islam and Muslims


Every home Riyadh: Awards came thirty-ninth session of the King Faisal International Prize, Tuesday night, April 4, exceptional by any measure, where the prize celebrated the delivery of the custodian, the King Salman bin Abdul Aziz – save Allah – Award for service to Islam and Muslims, for his superlative service for custodian and their going to and interest in biography, Historical Atlas project support to biography and its King Abdulaziz Foundation, created for King Abdulaziz Endowment library compound in Medina to save Arab and Islamic heritage and his quest to unite the Arabs and Muslims to face The difficult conditions in which Arabic and Islamic countries, as well as for his efforts in establishing the Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism and host based in Riyadh, the Arabic and Islamic positions across the decades towards the question of Palestine of the political and moral support and relief, as well as his presiding and direct supervision on a number of popular committees and charities of Halid and the needy in Arabic and Islamic countries, and created for the King Center.