King Khalid University live seminar to fortify her students of subversive ideas.


College of Arts and Sciences established bmhail Asir in cooperation with intellectual awareness unit to University intellectual Symposium titled “creating enemies of the nation: treachery and treason” Banquet Hall in college under the auspices of King Khalid University Prof. Faleh Abu agent attend peaceful city province Asir for killing and several heads of government departments and tribal chieftains and educational leadership, collection of faculty and students at the College.

Seminar Dr Aboud bin shield advocate and Professor, Faculty of law and theology in King Khalid University and Dr Saud El mosbeh former Interior Minister Advisor, March seminar Dr Ibrahim El Kaid Asiri, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences bmhail.

Ben talked about forensic perspective to shield these enemies and their morals, and premises which set off from it and how to deal with this thought, in addressing the theme of El mosbeh security perspective to those enemies, and how to use social media to broadcast their poison and brainwashing some teens who have fallen prey to them.

Before the conclusion of the seminar was opened for interventions and questions, which saw considerable interaction from attendees, this Symposium comes within preventive and intellectual University plan to fortify her students and community members of aberrant and perverse ideas, which lead to betrayal and treason.