King Khalid airport customs thwarts smuggling a quantity of heroin and alkbetaghon

King Khalid International Airport Customs has successfully thwarted three attempts to smuggle a quantity of pills alkbetaghon 19.818 amounted to a bead, plus the frustration of heroin amounted to 698 grams.
The Director General explained to King Khalid international airport customs Mohamed akeel, he received to customs dispatch four wooden boxes containing a quantity of honey and inspect 12.108 found a bead, was hidden in a bunker was equipped for the purpose of smuggling in the bottom boxes and found another pound of beans alkbetaghon 7.710 amounted to a bead, it was hidden in a consignment received customs shingle with words hidden in a cavity inside the painting.
And also enables Customs to agil foiled smuggling a quantity of heroin were hidden in the bowels of one arriving in the Kingdom through the airport, the getaway quantity of heroin distribution in 95 capsules in his gut.
He noted the Director-General of the King Khalid airport customs office the major role played by Saudi Customs Customs outlets across land, sea and air in order to prevent the entry of all the damage to the country and their own lives.Source: Alhayat