King Fahad airport management: landing came after a hydraulic failure plane «»


King Fahd International Airport Manager confirmed in Dammam on Monday continued their efforts to identify the causes emergency landing happened last Sunday, Saudi Airlines plane made an emergency landing.

She stressed the commitment to safety and security rules and air transport, stressing the importance of ensuring safety to fly again to preserve the lives of passengers, the Department said in its statement on the status of the emergency landing of a Saudi Arabian Airlines coming from Jeddah city of Madras, the Administration stated that landing that plane on Sunday got SY768 from Jeddah city schools, that all passengers were safe and unhurt bye initial surprise was as regular procedures, airport management said, according to the information that the airliner Saudi Arabia, aboard “127” passengers were exposed to hydraulics, King Fahd International Airport Center received for aerial surveillance at 12:50 p.m. landing pilot request procedures in coordination with other relevant actors operators at the airport to make arrangements and to ensure the safety of passengers, where the plane landed safely at 14:42 noon it was transporting passengers to the Terminal.