King Abdulaziz international cultural centre reveals the talents of 20 thousand students


Najran schools students drawing features of creativity and innovation through the program (shine) by King Abdul Aziz cultural center of Saudi Aramco world over seven weeks and attracted nearly 1,300 students in a significant gesture designed to rehabilitate nearly 20,000 thousand students from southern limit to carry the torch of knowledge and creativity. To keep up with the aspirations of the Kingdom and raise their competitiveness globally cognitive level.

Not only the sons of the South limit their steadfastness and heroic stories over the past years which saw “Storm” but beat another story of success and glow across the great interaction with tracks provided by the program (shine).

Quality initiatives

Vice President says the High Commission for the southern boundary and the Director of the Centre for educational and technical support for the departments of education in the southern perimeter Dr Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Quran “initiative, a partnership between the Ministry of education, Saudi Aramco, King Abdulaziz Center represented the world cultural which comes to frame the type of real integration faced by Saudi Arabia in building this home human being, particularly as they apply to students of the southern boundary.

He noted that the initiative of enriching the southern limit is one specific initiatives aimed at raising the practical level for students in schools in the southern limit, increased mental and intellectual abilities through their flight in the worlds of knowledge and astronomy and space, enabling them to work ideas in applied scientific and engineering aspects of this initiative include four diverse projects (shine-enrichment of August – inspired – cognitive incubator “discovered”) and all of them aimed at the scientific growth of male and female students, and students ‘ thinking and innovative fantasy farming.

The King Abdul Aziz Center team world culture in cooperation with the Ministry of education made the programming of working mechanisms and preparation of operational plans at the level of the five education departments (Najran – alnamas – janoub – boy – gizan), through the selection of schools by student accounting potential beneficiaries of the initiative, and facilitating the access of staff to schools with integration and coordination with departments to make full use of the project outputs, the programme is aimed at students aged 14-16 years, where she first launch stations in Najran project application by 15 schools, 8 boys and seven girls, and resume work in other areas with early next year.

He noted that the Ministry of education relied heavily on benefit of other initiatives to enrich the initiative in August, inspired, and knowledge that will establish specific incubator centres for education in Najran, Jizan which contributes in making the transport agent experience and stay and more useful impact on teachers and students, with a deep impact on students being encouraged to creativity, innovation, and practice applied in experimental science knowledge incubators designed scientifically.

And across the southern limit schools officials about their pride in partnership with Saudi Aramco made great creators of resilience, a medium-sized school Commander in Najran, Saleh Al-Qahtani: “take pride in having Saudi Aramco which defined their commitment to community service, the educational programme implemented by (shine) King Abdulaziz international cultural centre timely.”