Khamenei warns of change system behavior and risk of chaos in the country.


The Iranian leader vowed endangers security in the days of the election and the Revolutionary Guard Commander defends missile cities
Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei warned of damage to the system if the remarks caused some candidates
B «enemy of optimistic description of b «enemies» in pursuit of chaos and discord in election days, as
Through a letter today in the presence of senior leaders of the Revolutionary Guard in College «Imam Hussein military concerns»
Attempts of «change system behavior», saying that a «drop» system. Revolutionary Guard Commander turn Mohamed
Ali Jafari on spiritual statements about rocket city view and write slogans calling for the removal of Israel
To blow up the nuclear agreement, Jaffrey said that «rocket cities ensure industrial cities».
Khamenei said during the graduation ceremony of the revolutionary guards that elections can «to be
A source of pride or a source of weakness and looseness and problems» calling «readiness to confront cause chaos and strife
To fail.
Vowed Khamenei b «slap for moving against the security of the country. Urging the judiciary and police and all security
The country. He added that «who wants to destabilize the country certainly will face reaction aliquot» as quoted
Iranian agencies.
Khamenei’s speech came after 48 hours of third Ward debate between the six candidates for election
Presidential tomorrow, about the economy, to address sensitive Iranian media described on
Elections on May 19 (May).
Since Monday, outgoing President Hassan ruhani surprised everyone by changing strategy letters and go from
Defending the Government’s record to attack competitors and chose freedom in Iranian society tool in
His attack after extensive pressure since the beginning of the campaign. Rowhani have attacked his opponents record
Conservatives in the strongest human rights, said that people do not choose who they set up prisons and carried out executions
He also accused critics of his Government’s performance in handling the unemployment crisis prevention «access Sunni sons of nationalities
And women’s jobs. Vice President Isaac ghanghiri on Monday warned that the consequences of the aggravation of
Political differences on the Iranian street split might lead to a blood feud, demanding lessons from the crisis countries.
In the area in reference to Syria and Iraq.
Khamenei said that “who wants to act against the security of the country would face a severe backlash», in allusion to the statements
In recent days, candidates said that “If the move is illegal and bad morals and optimism
Enemies will be at the expense of everyone else.
Khamenei said that the Iranian regime faces three threats in the short term: «destabilization and provoke
Chaos and strife and threatening his feats. In the medium term objective is: «economy and living situation,
The economy remains paralysed and to keep work at low levels and that unemployment nationwide and is what causes
In desperation the people of the» as he put it.
In the long run the «change out of order» by Khamenei’s goal, «my opinion that road access passes
By changing the behavior of the system. From this observation, Khamenei accused the outgoing stream well
Implicit spiritual pursuit of change system behavior, noting his previous warnings that «change the behavior
The system is no different from regime change» contending «stay away from system font introduction stand on the side opposite
To order» which ends with the regime.
In light of that, Khamenei recommendations to presidential candidates; first to declare conclusively that
Economic issues and living conditions on their agenda priorities and work on problem solving,
II to be «national sovereignty and dignity of the Iranian people» axis campaigns, III student candidates
To keep the country calm and inaction of ideological, geographic, «faults lingula and nationalism», considering
Addressing the problems of the Arabs and Kurds, beludzhi and Turks «into the draft incomplete enemies». As reply
Khamenei implicitly spiritual protest during a debate last Friday about displaying «rocket cities and writing
Slogans in Hebrew on them to blow up the nuclear agreement». Khamenei said that “controversy caused rockets
Anger and hatred towards that element of power». Saying: «we have very accurate missiles hit targets
Thousands of miles away and will maintain this factor strongly.
Last week Khamenei had responded to a spiritual remarks on defending Iran and «spectre of war»
By signing the agreement. Khamenei commented on back on those remarks, saying: «some imagined
We should fall back to defensive lines if we are paying interest such as regional hegemony and international». In the same direction.
He said he wanted Government resist» own «economical policy and armed forces and internationally influential movement regionally
Widely». Armed forces in two waves during the past days on spiritual remarks and student speaker
In the name of armed elements b «non controversial entry to military issues.
In turn, the Revolutionary Guard Commander Mohamed Jaffrey spiritual statements about rockets, said that «the people
Today, glad that the cities of rockets ensure safe industrial cities in the country.
For his part, the Governor and the Chairman of the Committee on political economy in three parliamentary sessions Parliament Ahmad Tavakoli
Letter to Hassan Rowhani, because of his unusual «» in recent days. And blames two Tavakoli
In the country to ignore recommendations and switching to the exhibitions «directs Spears to System». And behold, I contemplated to
His recent remarks to a psychic about restricting civil liberties, prisons and executions over 38 years, ‘ said
Addressing the Iranian President that «partner in the events that he was sincere in his claims», as he quoted an agency
Tavakoli Rohani invited to reflect on the consequences of recent statements and said: «airs country enter a path