Khalid Al Faisal: Cornish clouds of pilot projects that will put up tourism


Detect HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal Adviser, custodian of the Governor of Makkah project (Cornish) National Park in Hada and Al Shifa within pilot projects for implementation soon by tourism and national heritage.

This project is located on an area exceeding 95 million square meters, and is one of the most prominent projects of the High Commission for the development of Taif which was formed about Sammy at the initiative led by the General Commission for tourism and national heritage for touristic place Taif, reset the project focuses on the development of Al Hada area and Shifa through three major economic sectors are tourism, agriculture, and preserve the natural environment, and helps develop a mountain tourist destination with rustic style on the axis between Al Hada And Al Shifa, in partnership with a number of experienced developers and investors in the private sector.