So did justice Saud bin Abdullah late composer Mohammad Shafiq


took the last evening of poetry to Prince Saud bin Abdullah, hosted by the capital dimensions aesthetic before and after the evening, you can not pass by without stopping then or referred to the fact # Alomir_saud is considered today one of the individual opera codes in the region and presented the same ribs steady at # Alogneh_alsaudih since the first collected the late # Talal_mdah 30 years ago , cooperation in the song “love letter”, and did not need a great time until they know # the public, because it is a big boy through # operetta ” the birth of a nation” ( the first operetta in Janadriah ) who coined the foundations of a new concept of the song the national Together with the intention of performing folk paintings teams, national celebrations and still today inspired and visionary idea.
# Saud_bn_abdallah was in more than one line with the great evening and true media appearance in praise of the composer of the opera of the late Mohammed Shafiq, he said in a view with colleague Yahya Prince: “I thank the composer Mohammad Shafiq, who gave me confidence because I write operetta, to meet must say that Mohammed Shafiq is his idea operetta, who made # Janadriah give confidence to the poet is still a beginner, ” and then praised the great Belhnh in” the birth of a nation, “he added in the place of another:” Mohammed Shafiq has a big role in writing this opera, where he has knowledge of musical rhythms and Ugena through text and Hrdhana to write. “