Judging the accused and another arrest in the case of the Saint Petersburg Metro


The arrest of a person who bears any)
The Russian Federal Security Service announced (inner branch of «KGB» earlier.
Relationship to the suicide bomber who is believed responsible for the bombing on 3 April (April) last, in Metro
Petersburg. «TASS agency» citing body, «framework Federal Security commissioned independent investigation
Russia’s federal investigative Committee, on May 11 (May) searches in Moscow, one citizen’s arrest
The Central Asian republics, ermatov was involved. promotion of illegal explosive material, is just
Earlier yesterday the inquiry announced by Russian Federal charge «terrorist» to
Three of the detainees on the background of Saint Petersburg Metro bombing which killed 15 people. And it was
Security was arrested ten people in connection with the investigation into the suicide attack, the Committee said in a statement.
It should be noted that all detainees are citizens of the Central Asian republics, mainly in Kyrgyzstan
And Tajikistan. The inquiry said that three were charged, including bekhram arghashif, Abraham
Ermatov was John, Mohammadi Yusuf Mirza Alimov, on suspicion of involvement in a terrorist act, possession of explosives or
Explosive». The statement also stressed “the charge coming soon to other suspects, saying” further investigation
Very carefully in all the circumstances of the assault. Russian authorities arrested in late April one of the organizers.
Near Moscow, named alleged abror Azimov, his brother Akram, also descendants of Kyrgyzstan and found
In possession of weapons. Currently in jail until 3 June (June).
The attack was claimed by a group calling itself Imam Shamil battalion» submerged and connected to Al-Qaida,
According to the American Center to monitor site «» jihadist websites on the Internet. On online agency said «TAS»
Moscow military court charged with terrorism and illegal possession of arms to Tajik citizen friend
Aurtikov, who was arrested by Russian security end of April in St Petersburg Metro. The friend denied the charges
Him, and said in court that he came to Russia to work and earn money to support his family. Defense lawyer
That friend was renting a bed in the apartment where security found a gun and ammunition.
In conjunction with the latest Metro bombing Petersburg, Alexei Pavlov, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council
Russian nationalist, that authorities had foiled five years 300 criminal terrorist character.
Pavlov said at a press conference today, marking the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Russian National Security Council,
The measures taken by the Russian security institutions in time contributed to thwart crime 300
A terrorist», stressing that terrorist crime rate declined in Russia during the past five years.
Ten times. As for the situation in the Northern Caucasus, the Russian official said that as a result of special security operations
And the response to terrorism operations between 2012 and 2016, security managed to eliminate a and 200 armed, in
So 120 armed terrorist group leader, and the arrest of more than 3000 and 600 members in confidentiality gangs.