Jubail compatriots receive ships East Coast Festival


Jubail County receives East Coast Festival sailors on Thursday, after the return of the sailors of the dive season known as the old “balkoval”, organized by the tourist development Council in the eastern region, under the auspices of the General Commission for tourism and national heritage area and a number of actors, in the North, Jubail promenade will review at open theater and colors of the maritime heritage of the eastern region, performed (300) a young man from the community exemplify the marine life.

Tourist Development Council Secretary explained, General Manager of tourism and national heritage area and General supervisor engineer Mohamed Latif bin Festival architecture named after sailors return to dive and search for pearls old was known as “alkoval”, so that the return and ship is scheduled to return with any dive dive Prince sardal is the person responsible for all ships, which come out of the dive season is announced officially that when this date ordering alserdal fired the cannon marking the end Diving season and go home, gather the ships deployed in Herat the Gulf looking for pearls, and begin heading home raised flags and begin life runs in the country and permeated with joy.

The architecture engineer noted alkoval is an old House Christmas when sailors turn back loader to big art scene review everyone waliamal naval songs skills and increasing enthusiasm among the sailors if other bearings joined back together and in the meantime overstaffed closes back to the coast and approached the loader from coast raised sails and sailors seeking songs and traditional songs while the elderly and children and women line up on sword Beach “chanting songs and welcome songs which carries the cravings goodbye and warmth And resound the lyrics thanks and gratitude to Allah for their safe return.