Jouf region Council delegation visits the «SC». Monday


Upon approval of his Royal Highness Prince Fahd bin Badr bin Abdul Aziz hollow at the invitation of his Excellency President of the Shura Council of Al-Jouf Council delegation visit to the Shura Council, in the framework of mutual visits between the Shura Council and the District Councils as Consultative Council delegation has already visited Al-Jouf last year.

The delegation consists of Presidents of commissions in the region and representatives of the provincial Council, headed by Undersecretary of Development Affairs and hollow Board designated area engineer Mohamed Habib bin Samad, so start the visit next Monday for three days during which the delegation informs the Council and its working mechanism and bring part of their sessions and meet Her Excellency the President of the Council and discuss with the Board area and important projects nationwide interest and achieve Vision 2030.