Jordan Chase frustrate smuggling 50 pills of Saudi Arabia


Foiled Jordanian drug someone agree with others to smuggle a quantity of pills towards Saudi Arabia, after a Chase in the desert area.
A security source said “ever”: arrest the cabman found 50 pills.
He added: Jordan foiled drug control also try people smuggling a quantity of drugs while trying to leave Jordan with Saudi direction on the border of Durra port.
It was: the quantity found inside one of the filters and the suspect was arrested for the investigation and proceedings.
And public relations and Media Department at the Jordanian public security department in a statement: the drug enforcement administration workers began a while ago to follow up information provided to them about faith, the number of people processing a quantity of pills as a prelude to a smuggled.
She added: they worked since receipt of that information to track and monitor the number of suspects to ensure involvement and identify and thwart smuggling mechanism.
She added: the information enabled investigators to identify those involved in the case and smuggling mechanism hide drugs inside the vehicle.
She continued: the vehicle was determined and the execution time of the smuggling operation and special ambush in the Bayer to adjust vehicle and on board.
The Department said: on time and when you try to stop ambush inside refused to comply with them have been driven out of that region of the desert while being able to stop the vehicle and control the person was inside her and seized in possession of 50, 000 pills.
She added: subsequently arrested two other people involved in the case and all detainees will be referred to the judiciary after the investigation.
She added: the amount of pills were seized at one of the border crossings after suspecting someone while trying to leave Jordan, where that amount was found after searching the vehicle thoroughly.