Jeddah: close 106 special health establishments


Directorate of Health Affairs revealed in Jeddah on performance indicators for the management of private health sector, and during the first half of the year 1438 in her work in the medical field tours licensing irregularities and complaints.

With field trips to private pharmacies in Jeddah “1277” tour during the past period and “35” tour on pharmacies in hospitals, while the number of field trips to the narcotics units “86” round, “also issued an initial license 35 civil pharmacies and” 11 “final license for pharmacies, health institutions had been issuing” 79 “preliminary license for those health institutions, as well as renovated 147 healthy foundation” licenses, either practising licences were renewed “5429” license where the rate schedule to renew Practising licences is five working days, and field trips on private health institutions “1073” tour during the same period.

His grandfather’s health also showed that the irregularities that have been detected through total rounds “1323” and “106” closed health facility, and not comply with licence renewal or initial license or the decision of the Committee on infractions.

His grandfather’s health confirmed the need to adhere to regulations contravenes the regulations and conditions of employment of the Ministry of health of any medical facility in Jeddah and always keen to preserve the health of users and reviewers of public and medical facility and follow everything that’s going on in the sector on an ongoing basis to ensure application of regulations in this aspect.