Jeddah Chamber “embraces” Forum “learning environment, with the participation of 21 domestic and international destination


Complexity of the Jeddah Chamber, represented in the Advisory Committee for community development and the development of education, in collaboration with local and regional party 21 and related international forum for scientific workshops entitled “the environment and learning”, April 19-20, King Abdullah economic city in rabigh.

This is the Forum to complement the recommendations of the workshop on sustainable development and green schools under the auspices of the UNESCO Office in Doha, hosted by the Jeddah Chamber in December 2016, and was entitled “the role of education in promoting environmental awareness of the community”.

The Forum aims to incorporate sustainable development issues in education, such as climate change, biodiversity and reduction of consumption and the contributions of educational institutions in environmental awareness, represented by the green schools program, which is one of the applications procedure for sustainable development.

The Forum also seeks to set up reference guide to green schools of Arabic countries, to benefit from scientific and research bodies involved in developing environmental programmes, exchange experiences with research and regional contacts with Jeddah Chamber in order to benefit from experiences that they own in the environment.

Expected number of participants in the sessions to 100 participants from decision makers, experts, practitioners and educators from government agencies and local, regional and international private interested in sustainability and the environment, representing 21 hand at its head office in Doha and the library of Alexandria, the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP, the Department of education, the Ministry of the environment, water, agriculture, and the Saudi Commission for wildlife, and the general body of meteorology and environmental protection, and King Abdullah economic city, King Abdulaziz University, University of UBT.

Forum sessions will include a number of speeches and workshops, will be the representative to the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP keyword at the ceremony, UNESCO Office in Doha, and presenters will be at the opening ceremony of all representatives of the Jeddah Chamber, public administration, education and General Organization for meteorology and environmental protection.

And scientific meetings and training programs over two days, with the first meeting (Wednesday) will address the concept of sustainable development and review its goals, with the second session deals with initiatives and experiences and successes and constraints of some participants, the first workshop will also have challenges and hopes and expectations to reach sustainable development goals. On the second day (Thursday) will start the first training programme, which will include eight sessions ensure healthy lifestyles community, ensuring the availability of clean water for everyone and sustainably manage, and make safe and sustainable cities, and measures to address climate change and its impacts.

In the second training program addresses the conservation of oceans and seas, marine resources and sustainable use, and to protect and restore wild ecosystems and halt the loss of biological diversity, and ensure a sustainable consumption and production patterns, and ensure access to reliable and modern energy services. The Forum will conclude with the last second workshop will address Arab Guide to green schools, and the evidence derived from the fourth and seventh destination destination of the fourth goal.