The Israeli newspaper Haaretz: a new reality. The game is changing between Hamas and Israel


Each home-Arab live: senior Israeli military analyst, said that the ongoing work on building a barrier along the eastern border with Gaza in order to neutralize the threat of Palestinian resistance tunnels, will be a new reality change with the rules of the game.

Prominent military analyst confirmed in Haaretz, Amos Harel, Israeli security forces find it difficult to give a full explanation of the change in behavior of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas towards the Gaza Strip “, noting that” last weeks Abbas, increasing pressure on Hamas in Gaza after penalty penalty “.

Rappoport said, in an article published Friday, Haaretz, the former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon in 2003, commenting on Abbas not to meet with Hamas during the past decade: “did not appear after chick wings,” the analyst said: “it appears that circumstances have changed now with 82 year old chick (Abbas).”

He pointed out that the expected explanations, is that “Abbas hoped that convulsed Gaza Hamas ruled Gaza ends, that’s also what some Israelis amalgamated, and at the moment there are no signs of it,” pointing to the “short wave of demonstrations for not providing electricity that Hamas has been able to curb it.”

Military analyst, ruled out “a concession Hamas Gaza’s biggest project, but if the increased pressure is likely to choose other ways to escape, such as encouraging demonstrations along the border to direct anger towards Israel, or do a quick military scientific along the border, through the tunnels or in other ways, an event which he’ll grab all the papers.”

Harel drew, “a new reality is taking shape along the border with the private sector, and relative calm started mod establishment new obstacle against spending, and includes underground wall above;, sensors and controls,” he said, adding that working in the bunker started in “small sections North expands in the coming months.”

With the continued construction of the barrier, there follow by Hamas ‘ interest, in place to work with handicap observation tower is held by Hamas, about 300 meters from the border, and prevent the entry of hackers to Israel, “according to an analyst who noted that” Hamas control towers, is one where there is an Israeli shooting out of it (Hamas) responsible for everything that happens in the areas they controlled.

The length of the barrier in place on the borders of the Gaza Strip, about 65 km, almost a quarter of the wall “Israel” on the border with Egypt, but according to Harel near Gaza more complicated. “

He said: “when will come the historians and geographers in the future to document two decades on the borders of Israel (occupied Palestine) to discover that one person unknown following a Earth than all the leaders and generals, Colonel taunting Ofir, supervisor of the administration of this constraint.