“Israel is threatening Russia with the six day war

“Israel is threatening Russia with the six day war


After their failure in diplomacy, Israeli leaders threaten Moscow openly to pressure her to move away from its allies in the West Asia region, hopeful that they reach this method to the desired destination.

In this context, wrote recently, Deputy Director of the Zionist organization known as the “defence of democracies” which works against Iran, “Jonathan shansr” and teleconferencing نیوزویك warning Russia by repeating the six day war if you don’t walk away from Iran and the party of Allah.

Started the six day war in June of 1967, the Zionist entity in a period not exceeding a week, to direct blows to Syria and Egypt, strong allies of the former Soviet Union, who had trained and armed the military forces of the two countries. In this period he managed entity army that controls several areas in the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai and the Golan Heights in particular was a significant influence in changing geopolitical equations in the region. The Soviet Union failed to protect his allies led to discredit Moscow and its weakness in the region, especially among its allies during this war the Zionist entity sought to show his army that he is invincible.

Boast “shansr” quick victory for Israel in this war, he said: “it seems that history 50 years lectured that repeats itself, allies Russia provoke Israel again, could have no other option but war Tel Aviv, Israel warns that the radical changes in the region as it did in 1967. Zionist official said that this time it will be war on Syrian territory and that the target was not Al-Assad but Allah party “deadliest Prosecutor for Iran.”

Israel was considered to enter the party of Allah in the Syrian war will drained and irwaa, which serves in the next war with him. Except that the entity concerned today that the Lebanese resistance has proven its ability to convert threats into opportunities, it’s rather than weaken became stronger, and imposed itself as an important and influential player in the region and to fight alongside the Russian army valuable experience is classic.

Now that the Damascus-allied forces and take advantage of gathering capabilities, to force the armed groups supported by the West, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Zionist entity to retreat, and at the same time she managed to turn the peace talks for the Syrian State. I feel “Israelites”, they seek various ways diplomatic and military, to prevent the arrival of their enemies to their goals, and that doesn’t turn South to South of another Lebanese. That place which Allah party managed to draw harsh blows to the Zionists, and forced them for the first time to withdraw from the Arab Islamic State without qualification.

And because the actions carried out by Tel Aviv didn’t work. in weakening the power of resistance, and have not managed to find a gap between them and Russia, had taken a decision by Moscow’s threat Tel Aviv, perhaps she can scare her by reminding them of the past.

And Lastly, shansr said: “the aim of the Vladimir Putin of presence in Syria is to revive Russia’s role”, “Soviet actions in the Middle East cannot but remind us of the six day war and the weakness of Russia. Russia to reconsider committing mistakes for half a century, and which still impacts on the region until today. “

Brags the Zionists to Russians with their victory on the largest Arab armies in six days, but they forget they’re in 33 day couldn’t get any work in a guerrilla war in South Lebanon, at a time when Russia was not besides Allah party.

So the “Israelis” instead of returning 50 years back, to go back to 2006 and remember how Allah party calls them despite heavy shelling and intensive and یتمکنوا not to occupy even an inch one of Lebanon’s land, and how they approached to Zodiac through surprise land and sea “indomitable myth.”