Israel is considered by UNESCO to adopt a resolution «occupation» in Jerusalem


Members endorsed the Executive Board of the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today Israel considers decision «occupation», exhorting them to rescind any action would change «nature or status» city.

It condemns the resolution text approved by UNESCO headquarters in Paris «all legal and administrative measures and actions taken by Israel, the occupying power, which changed or seek to alter the character and status of the Holy City, Jerusalem.

He added that “the movements of this type is void, like she was and should be abolished immediately.

Specifically criticized Israel annexed East Jerusalem after it occupied in 1967 in a move never recognized by the international community.

The decision was subjected to vote Tuesday and received 22 votes in favour to 10 against with 23 representatives abstained from voting.

However, adopted by the Executive Council means that became effective.

The decision raised the ire of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who declared his cut its contribution to the UN budget of $1 million.

He said that the decision to deny having any historical link between Jews and Jerusalem, calling it silly «». Said: «it must be for this price.

It is the third time I was baptized in Israel to reduce their financial contributions to the United Nations to protest votes it considers against her, resulting in a reduction of $11 million per year to 3.7 million, according to an Israeli official. In October, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee adopted a resolution condemning the illegal prospecting activities «» by Israel in Jerusalem’s old city.

Netanyahu, then Israel’s Ambassador to UNESCO call for consultation.

In the occupied territories continued to the 19th consecutive day toward open 1600 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike since Friday.

The strike has the support of major political and popular of all Palestinian groups, where people’s mobility is continuing in different provinces of Palestine and the diaspora through vigils and marches in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the diaspora.

Media Committee were to strike the prisoners in Israeli jails announced yesterday that today is to escalate the overall field in all regions in villages and rural areas and zones and detours, leading Palestinians at Friday prayers in public squares and picketing tents areas of friction.

On another note, the Israeli occupation forces arrested Friday, two Palestinians from Taqua village East of Bethlehem.

Palestinian security sources in Bethlehem, Israeli forces arrested at dawn both Mustafa Jamal body (17), Ziad Khalaf student (21 years), after they raided my house parents and subjugate them.