Islamic University hosts Symposium “Medina to literary studies”

Under the auspices of the Director of the Islamic University of Medina Dr Hatem bin Hassan Al marzouqi, Arabic language University College Wednesday symposium entitled: “Medina in literary studies” in the presence of a number of academics and professionals and those interested in the activities of the Islamic University on the occasion of the Medina Islamic tourism capital.
The symposium reviewed the highlights of Medina during modern literary and specialized studies which meant that authors who have left an impressive literary imprint.
He said head of literature and rhetoric at the College Dr Ali bin Dakhil Allah Alofi Symposium events and activities within the College sophomore semester of this year.
The first session addressed moderated by Dr Peter first working papers presented by Dr Mohamed Bin Saleh çáôäøí literature professor and faculty exchange titled “honor and prestige city”, with the second foot doctor Mohamed Ibrahim Vice President Asad Al Madina area of literary literary movement.
With raised 2nd led by head of Linguistics Dr Badr al-jabri first worksheets by Abdullah Capper about models of literary studies and poetic examples in which the city and linked to the religious and spiritual dimension, and the second by Dr Rahman almatrafi about informing the city and poets.

In a study conducted by Department of literature and rhetoric at the University where the collected literature dealing with niche Medina reaching 540 moral book in various literary arts which includes poetry, novel and story and biography.