Iraqi troops open a new front in Mosul


Iraqi troops opened a new front in the Northwest of Mosul, locked in fierce battles for six months to recover from the Organization of ISIS.

And new attack narrows the siege on extremists holed up in the middle of the old town where extremists and are using a large number of civilians as human shields.

In a joint operations command “of the army began the ninth Division Armadillo and seventy-third Brigade of 15 federal police contingent of the rapid reaction forces to storm Northern right coast areas mshirfah and Church and the old age”.

New front comes after southern axis of operations slowed to reach old town which includes the streets are very narrow and contiguous buildings military vehicles cannot pass through it.

The command “now your sons are fighting battles in DC and destroy enemy fortifications, and they’re very upbeat: either victory or martyrdom, to liberate the rest of Mosul from the clutches of terrorists aldwaash.”

Federal Police Chief Raed Jawdat Shakir group in a statement “advancing cut retort band mechanism of the Federal Police of Northwest axis in his urethra area towards the old age and liberates a gas plant and Hassouna village of Nineveh.

Displacement and migration Minister Jassim Mohamed dry Monday that 600 000 displaced people reached numbers since the launch of the “Edit Nineveh” returned them to their 133 after withdrawal of extremists.

The Minister said in a statement that “the remaining displaced people in camps since Nineveh edits reached 467, 000 displaced people, of whom 425 000 displaced since the start of the liberalization of the West side of Mosul,” he said, adding that 42, 000 displaced people just did not return to their homes in the eastern half.

The Western side is the smallest area of the eastern side of Mosul but denser.

The restoration of the Northern neighborhoods of cracking down on extremists in the region, and will make, if achieved, the region because the fallen servicemen.

And with increasing pressure on them, the extremists trying to distract from the connector and frequent attacks on Iraqi forces stationed in Anbar province.

In a week’s time, the organisation which still controls less than seven percent of Iraq area, three attacks on the army and border guards have killed at least 26 people near wetlands that were under the control of the Organization of ISIS and was restored in early 2016.

Iraqi forces with the support of the international coalition of cities and restore large areas from the grip of terrorists still exist in scattered areas in Anbar.